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01/11/11:  Our Envisage Software..
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New Update 01/11/11

Our Envisage Software is currently in the development process - Paragon Enterprises, Inc. is embarking on an exciting new venture...Millwork CAD/CAM Software! We are well into the early stages of the design process, and are securing both Software Engineers, as well as a National and International Sales team. Our promise is to provide a product to our customers that won't bankrupt them, and to provide for them a world class customer service experience.

Our software will feature CAD integration with the inclusion of AWI / AWS CAD Standards, reports of all kinds, Panel Optimization, Nested Panel Optimization, G-Code generation, Labels including Bar Coding, an unmatched user-friendly interface, a module specifically designed for those who do not own a CAD program, and so much more. If you have any ideas for us, please let us know. We would deeply appreciate your comments and feedback. You can direct them all by email to Steven Shull (


New Update 12/03/10
Paragon Enterprises, Inc. has officially separated itself from Microvellum and its associates, effective 12/03/10, thus ending all business relations. If you are one of our Microvellum customers, and this is news to you, please contact Steven Shull at your earliest convenience for details on this matter, and to discuss how we can proceed from this point forward.

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